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A farewell, and a hello

A farewell...

I've debated in NCFCA/Stoa for six years now. Unfortunately, for geographic reasons, my final season will be cut a bit short. I'll still be active in debate, but I won't be active in debate.

Right. That made perfect sense.

...and a hello

You accumulate a lot of random junk in your head after debating for six years. If you don't let it out, it builds up pressure until your head explodes. (Or something like that. I'm guessing this is why so many alumni come back to coach.) Starting this Wednesday, I'll be posting a series of random articles about... stuff. I'll be focusing mostly on practical tips, but if you want me to write about anything else (cases, theory arguments, whatever), just leave a comment!

First up: Responding in cross-examination. See you Wednesday.

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